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Mercian Nordic Walking & Fun Fitness is, quite simply, a health club without walls.  We offer all manner of activities based around the fantastic concept of NORDIC WALKING and nearly all walks start or finish at a cafe or pub where members have a good natter! This is why people stick with it. In fact it is just like being a member of a gym or health club but we just don’t have premises.  Instead we believe variety is the spice of life and regularly change where we meet. All our meeting places are local (apart from the full day walks) and are convenient.

We are a fitness club not limited to nordic walking alone.

Our “club” regularly holds social evenings, events and away days and all are welcome. As a bonus we happen to get fit at the same time.

Mercian Nordic Walking was started by Ian Northcott BEM who is a Delivery Partner to Nordic Walking UK with the aim of creating “Exercise For Everyone”.  We have an instructor in Redditch, Elaine Griffiths who is an excellent member of the team adding value to our monthly membership package.  We have an excellent walk leader, Malcolm Church, who works hard to make sure you get the best walks possible. Clare Pickford is an instructor running her business from Worcester as well as Carolyn Withington in Malvern.  We also have two  ew walk leaders; Janet Church and Carol Goode who will be helping us to help you achieve your health goals.

All instructors and walk leaders either have their own businesses or lead on a voluntary basis.  They offer their walks to Mercian Nordic Walking walkers so that you have the greatest choice and flexibility regarding your fitness.

Ian is passionate that every human being is given the opportunity to achieve their potential.  Fitness goals can be achieved in a fun way in the best gym of all – the great outdoors!

All instructors and walk leaders have the passion and the personalities to deliver what you need and FUN is mandatory!

Your fitness goals are in good hands.

We offer:

Adventure Walks

Workout Walks

Trek Fit

Circuit Training

Wellbeing Walks

Fit For Life Courses

Ski Fit Courses

Earlybird Classes (Before work)

Indoor Circuits/HIIT

Rabble Sessions (Keeping fit by playing games) www.rabblebromsgrove.co.uk

Nordic Walking Breaks

Day Trips

121 Training

Isometric Exercises

Nordic Walking Tai Chi Movements

Ian Northcott BEM – Accredited Instructor

Ian’s Mobile in case of emergencies – 07939 175505

Ian is passionate that every human being is given the opportunity to achieve their potential.  Fitness goals can be achieved in a fun way in the best gym of all – the great outdoors!

A retired police officer, Ian used to be a police self defence instructor and is trained as a Boxercise instructor and an indoor rowing coach.  He is a gentle giant who is extremely supportive of his participants.  (A fact well documented by graduates and members of Mercian Nordic Walking).

“I really enjoy nordic walking.  Ian is a great instructor and the bonus is I have lost 8lbs and 1.5 inches off my waist”.  – MT

“Ian’s nordic walking course changed my life and my attitude to exercise.  Love it and feel great.  Thanks Ian”. – JR

“An excellent course, superbly delivered with lovely company”. – BT

“Had a great time learning nordic walking plus some muscle strengthening exercises.  Why pay gym memberships when you can be outside exercising under the expert guidance of Ian Northcott.  Top bloke who thankfully likes to have fun too.  Highly reccommended”. – BN

“A big thank you to Ian.  You have been a real inspiration to me and I’m sure Christine and Beverley.  So give yourself a big pat on the back”. – RC

“Nordic walking with Ian as the instructor – a great way to have fun, getting fitter, stronger and slimmer”. – JS

When in the Army Ian skied for his Corps in the 15km langlauf competition.  (Sounds more grand than it was – feel free to ask).

Ian holds the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, a degree in Clinical Hypnosis, a diploma in life-coaching and various NLP and leadership qualifications. He has various fitness qualifications from circuit training to Bootcamp, Exercise for the Older Adult and Outdoor Exercise.

Ian has a real passion for the history of the First World War and offer guided walks across The Somme and Ypres battlefields with Baxters Battlefield Tours.

Ian is also the Head Coach and Chief Instructor to The World Isometric Exercise Association (TWiEA) and can show you how to get a full resistance work out in just 70 Seconds! Check out www.TWiEA.com.

Ian was awarded a Point of Light Award from the Prime Minister and a Pride of Birmingham Award for his charity www.socksandchocs.co.uk. In the New Years Honours List 2016 Ian was awarded the British Empire Medal for his community work with Socks and Chocs.



Elaine Griffiths – Accredited Instructor

Elaine’s Mobile in case of emergencies – 07951 467528
Elaine began Nordic walking in July 2015 and quickly became addicted.
She became a walk leader in December 2015 and then decided that being an instructor was the future for her.  She advocates nordic walking because it is a full body workout, it takes place outdoors all year round and uses the natural environment as an outside gym.
Elaine will be offering training and walks in the Redditch & Bromsgrove areas.


Malcolm Church – Accredited Walk Leader

Malcolm’s Mobile in case of emergency – 07855 2683330

I started Nordic walking in January 2016 and quickly decided that it was the type of activity that could offer everything that me and my wife Janet were looking for in order to keep in shape, meet new people and enjoy the lovely countryside. Like most of the other members we started with the now renowned 1 mile down the towpath walk, a 20 minute coffee break and 1 mile back down the towpath after which saw us “on our last legs”.

If anyone had told us then that we would be Nordic walking up to 16 miles in any 1 day we would have laughed and said no way, but with the professional instruction and encouragement that we have received this became a reality.

I have enjoyed and appreciated the effort that all of the Instructors have put in to make Mercian Nordic Walking as successful as it is to date and would like to help in any way that I can to take it to the next stage of its development.
I qualified as an Accredited Walk Leader in February 2017 and I am very much looking forward to leading sociable and fun walks for members from June 2017.

Clare Pickford – Accredited Instructor

Clare’s mobile number in case of emergencies – 07889864322.

I started Nordic walking in March 2017, at that time, I was looking for an activity that would help me to lose weight and get fitter whilst being out and about in the great outdoors. As a psychiatric nurse, I have always had a special interest in the mood enhancing benefits of being outside in the countryside amidst nature, and walking in the great outdoors gives our senses the opportunity to reconnect with the world around us.

When I first began Nordic walking I never imagined the impact that it would have on my life, I have lost weight, become considerably fitter and have a new zest for life. Nordic walking offers something for everyone, irrespective of age or ability, and, as an instructor, I will be able to support people to meet their fitness goals and feel the joy of getting fitter and healthier within a sociable and friendly environment.

I will be leading walks around the countryside of the beautiful city of Worcester down to Pershore as well as delivering Learn To Nordic Walk sessions in Worcester.

Carolyn Withington – Accredited Instructor

Carolyn’s mobile number in case of emergencies: 07773 352434

I passionately believe in the healing power of exercise for mind, body and spirit!

Living in Great Malvern, gives me not only the wondrous Malvern Hills, AONB to enjoy and explore but some of the most beautiful countryside in the country, extending out across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

I have always enjoyed being outdoors finding it wonderfully therapeutic after the stresses of work and Nordic Walking gives me a workout that keeps me fit and allows me to walk further, more comfortably and really make the most of this gorgeous area.

I love sharing the Malvern Hills and surrounding areas with others, offering the opportunity to further strengthen Nordic Walking technique whilst enjoying  a mix of panoramic views and hidden pathways touching upon the past with Iron Age Forts and Victorian and mystical influences.

I also spend time in Wales – Dolgellau, Barmouth area   – within Snowdonia National Park where I offer walks with spectacular views and fabulous energies in the glorious Mawddach Estuary area.

Ruskin, the renown Victorian Art critic, opinioned ‘ there is only one walk in the world equal to Barmouth to Dolgellau and that is Dolgellau to Barmouth”

Janet Church – Accredited Walk Leader

Janet’s number in case of emergencies: 07790 128658

Janet joined MNW three years ago and she has not looked back.  In her previous career as a health professional in public health and adult education she often came across the consequences of lack of both exercise and social interaction.  Janet realised that these challenges can easily be overcome when joining a group like MNW.  Janet says “Guess what folks – it is fun”.

Janet explains “I am so pleased to be asked to join the team as a walk leader and I am looking forward to the challenge”.

Janet is currently in training ready to help MNW help you to achieve your goals.

Carol Goode – Accredited Walk Leader & Speedhyke Coach

Carol’s mobile number in case of emergencies: 07545 779474

In February 2018 I discovered Mercian Nordic Walking.  My life changed almost immediately!  Walking having fun, making new friends and being encouraged to improve my fitness. In 12 months I lost 2 stone. I am fitter and happier than ever before.

Being very active in my youth, participating in most sports and dance, I soon discovered health and fitness was very important to me. However, marriage and having children got in the way of me pursuing a fitness career. Once the children were off to school. I started my studies.  I achieved a sports science degree and several fitness qualifications a City and Guilds adult teachers certificate also Beauty therapist qualification

This finally lead me to owing my own health and fitness centre, where I enjoyed 18 years of helping others  to enjoy exercise is an environment that was controlled and stress free.  Due to loss of premises the business closed.

I then embarked on a career in Hotel management.  Over 15 years, I became the text book image of an over worked, stressed, overweight adult.

At 63 I discovered  Mercian Nordic Walking. Thanks to Ian and his team, I have rediscovered my love of exercise. Even better than that I have now discovered the great out doors and an very enjoyable way of keeping fit and healthy

I am so excited that I have been asked to join Ian’s team as a walk leader.  Funny how life goes around.  I shall enjoy many years of helping others to enjoy exercising out doors being fit having fun and making new friends.


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