"When I answered an ad on the internet to try Nordic walking I never thought that my life would have changed beyond belief. Less than 3 years ago I was overweight and unable to walk more than 1 mile. Now I can easily manage an 8 to 10 mile walk, feel so much fitter and the scales do not lie what with the slimming world and my Nordic walking I am 4 stone lighter and have a new lease of life in my step and a whole load of us walk together and I am happy to say we are friends and everyone in the group is supportive. This year alone with Mercian Nordic walking I have been to Cornwall in the south and Saddleworth in the north plus loads of walks in between finishing the years trip to the Somme walking the battlefields in October. I can barely believe it but what I can say to all of you who read this and are thinking of getting fitter, look no further, come and give it a try. Search out now and if you live around Bromsgrove Worcester and Wyre forest check out Mercian Nordic Walking and find yourself a beginners course. That's what I did and I have never looked back"

— Lynne B

"I have never found an exercise activity that I really enjoy before, but now I have found myself on a fit for life course and take part in muscle strength and endurance classes too.

I have walked and exercised twice a week with Ian and have taken advantage of the numerous walks all over our beautiful countryside.

As you can see from the picture, it has changed me - dramatically, even banishing my double chin!

I want my story to inspire people to get active. Nordic walking might look a bit strange but the poles offer upper body resistance thereby working 90% of your muscles.  It has, quite simply, changed my life.

I feel fitter, healthier and have more energy, all achieved by going for a purposeful walk.

The walks range from easy to very hard and you can choose your level”

— Kathy T

What a brilliant way to keep fit. Fresh air, good company , lots of laughs and feeling fitter and stronger after every session. Looking forward to the social events as well especially the Halloween walk. Naturally enormous praise has to go to Ian who provides excellent instruction related to everyday activities which makes it so much easier to understand and put into practice.

— Gerry and Sharon D

Such a fabulous day. Wonderful walk with lovely people. Feeling blessed that I've finally found an exercise that I enjoy xxx Definitely visiting the Cow shed again to have a mooch round the craft centre.

— Jo R

I absolutely LOVE this activity, if, like me, you can't bear being in gyms listening to grunting beefcakes and ghastly music, and love spending time outdoors getting oodles of fresh air, then give this a go. Within 4 weeks I feel noticeably stronger and faster and I'm aiming to be able to walk AND talk rather than gasping my last eventually. I can also see glimmers of a svelte silhouette in the distance too having lost a dress size already (and that's despite my daughter treating me to a cream tea this week!) Everyone I have met has been so friendly and supportive and Ian is a great group leader, always encouraging and motivating and ensuring that everyone has fun.

— Clare P