It’s never too early to start your New Year, New You mission!

It’s never too early to start your New Year, New You mission!

How many of you make a list of resolutions each New Year and then never stick to it? And how many of you always have get fit, lose weight, get healthy on that list? Statistically, only 1% of people that make that resolution stick to it, and it is statistics like this that are costing our NHS billions of pounds a year and could ultimately be costing us our lives.

Sounds harsh I know, but it is a reality. A recent study showed that you are 500% more likely to die early if you are inactive. In fact, the study deemed being a couch potato as being worse for you than smoking, and I’m fairly sure that most of you would never have thought that could possibly be true.

So, in 2019, let us help you get up, get out and get fit. There are a multitude of reasons we want to start exercising; to lose weight, improve our strength and balance, lower high blood pressure or stave off Type 2 Diabetes. Whatever your own personal goal and mission, Mercian Nordic Walking can help you achieve them.

How can Nordic Walking help me?

Walking with us three times a week will help you to improve your cardiovascular fitness – that is a given. This is not a pleasant stroll in the countryside; this is a brisk walk at a brisk pace that elevates your heart rate and gets your body working both on the inside and the outside. That said, we have different walks for different ability levels, so even if you are new to exercise or have health concerns, there is always a walk that will fit both your ability level and your pace, and of course, there is the social side of being out in a group, which has such a positive effect on your mental wellbeing. The best part about Nordic Walking is that absolutely anyone can do it. If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk! Once you have learnt the correct technique, each walk will use over 90% of your muscles, and you will be burning twice the amount of calories that regular walking burns, but we promise it will feel easier than walking alone, as the poles and technique will help to propel you forward.

How can Mercian Nordic Walking help me?

We take your health, fitness, mental well being and your own personal goals and missions seriously. We are more than just Nordic Walking. We can help you with diet and nutrition, we have fitness classes that will help you improve your muscle strength and flexibility through resistance training, and we do baseline fitness testing so you can see every week how you are improving. Best of all, our esteemed leader, Ian Northcott, is the Chief Instructor and Head Coach of The World Isometric Exercise Association, amongst many other qualifications, so you can join Mercian Nordic Walking safe in the knowledge that we can set you on the right path to success. You only have to take a look at what our members say about us and their own personal success stories to see what a dramatic difference being part of our team has made to not only their health and fitness but also on a social and wellbeing level.

What can you do now?

Join up! Registering is free, and it gets you on the right path. Then you can try one of our free taster sessions where you will meet the team and find out more about how we can help you with your own personal journey – all without any financial obligation – now or in the future. We are fairly certain you’ll love Nordic Walking, but if you don’t, you can simply walk away with nothing lost. Once you have taken part in the taster session, you will need to complete a Learn to Nordic Walk course. To make this part easier, we have an offer running throughout January, February and March 2019 for our monthly membership. We will reduce the rate for these three months to £30 a month, and you will get your learn to Nordic Walk course included in that monthly fee. Anyone walking three times a week and needing to complete a course will be saving themselves over £45 a month!

We know that the success rate of people sticking to their New Year Resolutions is low, but we know that we have a very high success rate at helping our members stick to their goals, achieve their objectives and get them fitter and healthier, more active and more mobile than they have been for a very long while, if ever!

If you would like more help, advice or have any questions about whether Nordic Walking is right for you, get in touch. Our friendly team are on hand to help whenever you need us!

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Updated: November 13, 2018 — 4:12 pm