Mercian Nordic Walking Week Ahead

Hi there

I hope you are well and raring to go with your nordic walking this week.

Please make sure you book early as everyone asks for weekend walks but the bookings are so few we are struggling to keep them going.

We have a lot on so here goes:

MONDAY 16th OCT 17

Ian’s No Nonsense Hilly 6 Miler (Hard)’s-No-Nonsense-Clent-Hill-Training-(Approx-6-Miles)-Perfect-if-you-are-considering–challenges.

Malcolm Pipers’s-Pipers

Ian’s Indoor HIIT Circuit (Hard)’s-Total-Body-Tabata-Indoor-Circuits-Class-(Open-to-Non-Nordic-Walkers)


Ian’s Indoor Static Circuit (With Core)’s-Indoor-Static-Muscle,-Core-&-Pelvic-Floor-Strength

Elaine’s Keep Fit and Happy Walk’s-Keep-Fit-and-Happy-Walk

Elaine’s Evening Walk’s-Evening-Artrix-Walk


Elaine’s Fabulous Wellbeing Walk’s-Wellbeing-Walk-(Open-to-Non-Nordic-Walkers)

Ian’s Video Techniques Class


Ian’s Wolverley To Kinver 12 Miler (Only 2 places left)’s-Wolverley-to-Kinver-12-Miler).

Elaine’s Special Offer Learn To Nordic Walk Course’s-Special-Offer-2-session-LEARN-TO-NORDIC-WALK

Emma’s Yoga Class’s-Yoga-Class


Ian’s Earlybird Indoor Static Resistance Class’s-Indoor-Static-Resistance-Circuit-&-Core-Blast

Elaine’s Earlswood Loop De Loop’s-Earlswood-Lakes-loop-De-loop

Ian’s Ultimate Trek Fit’s-Trek-Fit-Session-(Fun-&-Challenging)


Malcolm’s Crown and Sandy’s (Only a few places remaining)’s-Crown-and-Sandy’s-Inn-4-Miler

Ian’s Fast Track Learn To Nordic Walk’s-Fast-Track-Learn-To-Nordic-Walk-(Learn-To-NW-in-a-3-Hour-Walk)

Malcolm’s Hanbury Church (This will be cancelled if you do not book)’s-Hanbury-Church

Halloween Avoncroft Trip is now booked with ten of us going.  Thee walk beforehand will be fully planned next week so keep looking back for the start point. (Likely to be Avoncroft).

See you all soon.


Updated: October 14, 2017 — 4:41 pm