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Nordic walking - walking for life

We all know that there are certain things we have to do to keep ourselves fit and healthy, but sometimes knowing how to make these changes is where we get stuck. Exercise is important. It keeps our bodies healthy and improves our strength and mobility as well as heart and lung conditions. And then there’s diet; we probably all know what we shouldn’t be eating, but are we all completely aware of what we should be eating?

When it comes to your health, a quick fix is not recommended. Yes, you can go to the gym for a few months and feel fitter and lose a few pounds, but it isn’t the most sustainable form of exercise as it is repetitive and the camaraderie that keeps us going is missing. Generally, gym users tend to tail off, lose motivation and eventually give up. No one at the gym is personally monitoring your progress and keeping you motivated and do you actually know whether you are achieving your goals?

Nordic walking - field

Why is Nordic Walking different?

People join Mercian Nordic Walking because they want to change. Many of our walkers have started with us at their lowest ebb; unable to walk more than a few meters without feeling out of breath, overweight, lacking strength, mobility and the flexibility that is required to do simple daily tasks like putting socks on. The thought of signing up to a gym or getting into a swimming costume is enough to make many of us reach for the biscuits and put off our quest for health and fitness until another day. And this is where Nordic Walking is different. Not only is the style of walking different in that the use of the poles means we are engaging our upper body in the walking process, but we are a family. We help each other, we encourage and support each other, and most importantly, we make sure we are taking everything at a pace you feel comfortable with.

It is this approach to exercise and health that has seen so many of our walkers not only transform their fitness and overall health but why Nordic Walking has become their way of life. We believe in a long-term approach to change; retraining your mindset towards your health and wellbeing and giving you the support and encouragement you need to make those changes for good. The community feel to our group, and our sessions means our walkers don’t see Nordic Walking as a fitness regime; it is an opportunity to get out in the fresh air, see our beautiful countryside and chat with our friends – it’s a way of life that has brought success, happiness and fulfilment to many.


How can we help you?

Start at the beginning. Whether you can walk one step or ten thousand steps, we don’t care. All we care about is that you take that first step in making this important change. And you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, and we feel your struggle because it has been our struggle. No one is going to judge you, just encourage you. We have such a wide variety of walks and activities that suit all abilities; there is always something different on the menu at Mercian Nordic Walking. Once you start to build up your fitness levels, you can start to take part in our baseline tests, which we run (for those who want it) every three months. And don’t panic, we are not talking about a gruelling military-style jog across the countryside, but a few simple timed tests that are a great way of showing you how your health and fitness is improving. They are designed for everyone, from 18 – 80, and they encompass your whole body so you can see how effective the Nordic walking you are doing has been on your overall body condition.

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Take your first steps

Getting started is so easy. Simply register your interest and book on to a taster session on our website. All of this is free, and you are not obligated to do anything other than come and meet us, try Nordic walking and find out what we can do to help you. All you need to do is bring yourself, some sensible clothes and shoes and we will do rest. What have you got to lose by trying?



Updated: August 28, 2018 — 11:12 am