Why walking in a group is good for your health?

Why nordic walking in a group is good for your health

Exercise is good for us. We know that because there is much mention of it in the media and from health professionals as to the physical health benefits it affords us. But what about exercising the mind? The World Health Organisation estimates that depression and depression-related illness will become the greatest source of ill-health by 2020. Poor psychological wellbeing can be just as debilitating as poor physical health, and there are studies that prove how exercising outside and as part of a group can have a whole host of benefits that perhaps we hadn’t really considered when looking for an exercise regime.


Why Nordic Walking?

Before we leap into the mind, let’s just visit the physical benefits Nordic Walking can bring over and above regular walking, and indeed, many other forms of physical exercise:

  • Firstly, there is the simplicity of it. Anyone who can walk, can Nordic Walk.
  • Studies have proved that Nordic Walking burns approximately 400 calories per hour compared with 280 calories per hour for regular walking.
  • Nordic Walking places less stress on your joints so it is ideal for anyone with joint issues or recovering from surgery.
  • The technique used in Nordic Walking exercises the entire body but makes it feel like it is easier than regular walking as the poles propel you forwards.
  • Nordic Walking increase aerobic effect by up to 25% compared to regular walking meaning that your lungs and heart are getting a great workout.
  • It promotes a more stable and upright posture through core strengthening and stability.
  • It can prove effective in achieving sustainable weight loss when combined with a healthy eating plan.


The psychological wellbeing benefits of being outside

Have you ever sat around at home feeling stuffy, lacking energy and feeling drained? Just getting up and getting out in the fresh air can instantly make us feel better, and here’s why:

  • Being out in the fresh air gives us more oxygen, which in turn increases the amount of serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ in your body.
  • Being outside and breathing in more oxygen can give us greater brain function, which improves concentration skills and gives you more energy.


The psychological wellbeing benefits of Nordic Walking in a group

A recent study has found that those who exercise in a group lower their stress levels by 26% and significantly improve their quality of life. We’re not going to argue with that! We have seen first hand the psychological benefits being part of Mercian Nordic Walking can bring. People get the opportunity to make new acquaintances, many of whom have similar health issues, objectives and goals. We all support and encourage each other, and the social side of our walks has often been a great opportunity for some of our walkers to find a social outlet that had been missing from their lives. Being part of a group or team means that we support each other and don’t let each other down. Bonds are formed, as are lifelong friendships, and the support system that is offered by our instructors means every aspect of your personal journey is our concern too.

But it’s not just the fresh air, the walking and the social element of Nordic Walking that helps to improve your psychological wellbeing. Ever heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’? Well, it’s true. Our walks and activities are not just about getting fit; they are about having fun. We love what we do, and we want to enjoy every single moment of it with you, so why not take a look at what we have to offer, and book yourself on to a taster session? Our walkers have changed their lives around with our help, both physically and psychologically and these are changes that have been made for life.

Updated: September 14, 2018 — 1:44 pm